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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tutorial - Choosing Components for Your Skin

Base UI
You have 2 options here, either use Default UI (DUI) -already included in foobar2000 installation-, or Columns UI (CUI). The former provides more simple options and it's fast, while the latter enable you to use Panel Stack Splitter component, which extremely useful if you want to place elements in your skin freely. I personally prefer CUI.

Song List / Playlist Viewer
There's a lot of components provides this function, NG Playlist that's included in foobar2000 package covered this, Column Playlist -bundled in CUI- also provides the same function. If you want another options, try ELPlaylist, EsPlaylist or Graphical Browser. I personally love combining ELP and Graphical Browser.

Library Browser
You have to have at least 1 library browser based component to load your library into songlist panels. You can choose to use Library Tree, Explorer Panel, or Facets. 

Well, there's nothing more powerful than a Lyrics Show 3 (foo_uie_lyrics3) for this one. No reason to search another similar component. But if you insist, there's Lyrics DB and Mini Lyrics to choose.

Playlist Viewer
Similar to Library Browser function, but this one only load your selected playlist into songlist panel(s). Library Tree component also has this function. But if you prefer another component for this task, you can use Playlist Manager, Playlist Tree, Plorg, or Playlist Dropdown, 

Playback Stats
Playback Statistics (foo_playcount) provides, well, stats of your songs like how many the songs have been played, the song's rating, the date the song first played, etc.

Use no other than Quick Search Toolbar (foo_quicksearch or foo_uie_quicksearch) to search your library based on your query and load it to the songlist panel(s).

There's a lot of option on this one, depending on what type you prefer. You can use Peakmeter & Spectrum Analyzer, Musical Spectrum, ProjectM Visualisation, Shpeck or WmpVis.

Another Useful Components :

Extended Variables
Extended Variables (ExVar) provides custom variables that you can assign to. This component works like $puts function in PSS component, but works in other panels as well.

If you already know, like for example %title% returns the title of a song, ExVar enable you to write your own variable (%variable%), assign a value (i.e. what the variable means) on it, and of course use it on multiple panels.

WSH Panel Mod
WSH is the most powerful component of all, but you have to have at least basic Java or VB skills to properly use this component. WSH will help you accomplish basic task like to show the song title, to a more complex uses like creating your own panels. Hell you can even create a skin entirely based on single WSH panel.

UI Hacks
UI Hacks will let you customize your skin even further, you can remove your Windows frame theme (or any other 3rd theme) and create your custom frame. You can also set constrains (minimum and maximum) of the window size, custom icon, pseudo-caption and transparency.

Tutorial - Foobar2000 Useful Links

Lots of links that will help you skin your foobar2000!

foobar2000 Component page
Official component page on foobar2000.org

Lots of essential components that you can't find on the official page

Titleformat Reference
Complete A-to-Z reference from how to show title of a songs, to combining complex functions

Panel Stack Splitter Guide
Guide about one of the most powerful foobar2000 components, including its unique variables and functions

Graphical Browser Guide
Graphical Browser variables, functions and other topics

How to Skin foobar2000 - Part1 - by Markkoenig
Contains basic topics about skinning your foobar2000, focused mainly on scripting

How to Skin foobar2000 - Part2 - by slowboyfast
Contains more advanced topic, focused mainly on graphical department

How to Skin foobar2000 - Part3 - by me
Contains topic on how to switching between panels. You can also read it on my blog here

Feel free to ask your question in the comment :)

JAM v2 Beta

JAMv2 by FlipOut69

JAM v2 beta version is now live!

View on DeviantArt

How to download :
1. Open OneDrive link.
2. Right-click at 'JAM v2 Beta' folder -> download. It will be converted as zip file.
3. Extract the zip.
*The foobar v1.3.3 portable version is already included in the package, so it's not necessary to create another foobar installation .
**During beta stage, it's easier for me to share the project folder instead of uploading it on a zip file everytime I apply an update.

How to use :
1. Adding music library : CTRL + P -> Media Library -> Add your music folder(s).
2. Start populating your music by clicking the JAM icon on the left-top (to access Collection interface) then expand the library tree on the left side.
3. Explore the skin and feel free to give your feedback in the comment box below.

***JAM v2 aim to be optimized on HTPC use (i.e. w/ HDTV) and touchscreen monitor/notebook.
If you happen to have and use JAM on either or both devices, feel free to tell me how things work on the 'easy-to-use department' (fonts & buttons size, thickness of the seekbar, etc).

As always, all feedbacks would be greatly appreciated.

To-dos for stable release :
- Complete user guide
- Optimization for HTPC & touch devices
- Code cleaning & repackaging files
- Higher DPIs (>100%) support
- Collapsible right panels (unconfirmed)

JAM v2 Concept

JAM v2.0 Concept by FlipOut69

Beta version now available to download

View on DeviantArt

Kotak Iconpack

Kotak [foobar2000 icon pack] by FlipOut69

foobar2000 icon originally from Metro UI Icon Set by dAKirby309

View on DeviantArt

Each .ico contains multiple images : The bigger, labeled icons (256px) along with the smaller, non-labeled ones (16px, 32px, 48px). One of them will be used depending on your explorer views (Large Icons, Tiles, Details, etc.)

Full list :aac, aiff, ape, apl, cda, cue, fb2k-component, flac, fpl, fth, generic, la, m3u, m3u8, m4a, mka, mp2, mp3, mp4, mpc, ofr, ogg, opus, pls, ra, shn, tak, tta, wav, wma, wv.


MiniJAM by FlipOut69

Status : Pending

View on DeviantArt

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JAM v1.2


Requirements :
1. foobar2000 v1.3.9
2. At least 1280x720 screen resolution, higher is recommended
3. Segoe UI font family

Changelog :

*Check the user guide for complete logs

v1.2 [11 Dec 2013]
- Change the default scheme to dark grey w/ blue
- Redesign the collection layout
- Also redesign few other panels
- Full-length & dynamic seekbar
- Optimization for streaming contents (dynamic artist & title, station name)
- Better volume calculation
- Bunch of fixes

v1.1 [11 Nov 2013]
- 2 new color schemes 
- Resizable window (beta)
- Smart playlists
- Alternative 'Now Playing' list style
- Fix missing symbols / characters

Credit to :
iosuiscloud for supporting this skin development
marc2k3 for lots of WSH scripts
Markkoenig for volume bar script (from Lux)
ainq for Gauss: Aqua wallpaper
dAKirby309 for foobar2000 icon (from Metro UI Icon Set)

FooDeck v1.3

FooDeck v1.3

Optimize for foobar2000 v1.2.9 (or newer) and 1280x720 screen (or higher)

View on DeviantArt

*Right-click at "FooDeck" folder -> Download

Installation :
1. Extract zip
2. Move 'components' and 'skins' folder to foobar2000 directory
3. Move 'configuration' folder to :
- Normal Installation : foobar app data (e.g. C: -> Users -> -> App Data -> Roaming -> foobar2000)
- Portable Installation : foobar2000 directory
4. Download this file and move it to scripts folder (skins -> FooDeck -> scripts folder)
5. Install fonts if necessary
6. Run foobar2000, choose ColumnsUI as default interface
7. Set media library by open Preferences -> Media Library -> Location
8. Further info available on readme.txt included in zip

Features :
- 6 Panel options, from local library to your own last.fm charts
- 6 Different themes
- 3 Player mode, including a full mode and 2 mini mode
- Much more customization
- Give tracks rating and add it to last.fm loved tracks directly from player, including auto-loved your 5-star rated tracks
- Ability to display the artists' complete biography from last.fm, bypassing 300 characters limit from last.fm API
- Get detailed info of your playing track in Song Info panel and popular music sources (weblink)

What's New :
v1.3 [08/09/2013]
- Add searchbar
- Full cover artwork on expanded ELPlaylist
- Square buttons
- Remove troublesome Border Style chooser
- More interface customizations

v1.2 [05/08/2013]
- Update components to latest version available
- Add few buttons, including playback order
- Elplaylist interface improvements (popup, rating, etc.)
- Replace unused left knob on 'mini mode 1' with cover artwork
- Enable lyrics & images caching to save bandwidth
- Other minor interface & functionality improvements

v1.1 [30/07/2013]
- White theme
- New mini mode, replacing mini mode with caption/header
- Playlist Organizer
- Remove logo
- Minor fixes

Credits :
- WSH Panel Mod templates by marc2003 (@ hydrogenaudio forum)
- UI Hacks tutor by ~eXtremeHunter1972
- Volume button originally from ~Br3tt's Tech
- VU Meter by ~macarych
- Foobar Dark icon by ~nXr-an0n
- Wallpaper : Hardwood w/ Lights [LINK] by ~zyklophon

Screenshots :
Brushed Steel - Full Mode - Library Panel

Dark Wood - Full Mode - Biography Panel

Oak - Full Mode - Lyrics Panel

White - Full Mode - Last.fm Charts Panel

Teak - Full Mode - Track Info Panel

Dark Wood - Full Mode - Themes Panel

Black - Mini Mode 1 - Visualization Screen

White - Mini Mode 2 - Alternate Texts Display